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A police officer in a suit of armor - well protected from physical assault, knives and possibly even bullets. Now imagine that same officer trying to chase someone down the street - almost impossible in something so rigid and heavy. The weight, the cost, where to pack it when not in use, where to get it repaired?

Fast forward to the 21st century - that same officer in Kevlar - lighter, flexible, almost as protective, strong, easy to store and much cheaper!

These are the differences between flight cases & ROQSOLID PowerCovers!

Epiphone Cover
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Equipment Protection Comparison

  Vinyl Covers ROQSOLID Covers Flight Cases
Made To Fit
Damp & Spill Protection
Portability X
Weight X
Value For Money X ?
Impact Protection X
Durability X
Manufacturer Guarantees ? ?
Visual Appeal X

I was amazed at how brilliant these covers are in terms of both the materials, the quality of manufacture and how good they look. On top of that I found the company's customer service to be outstanding. Unless you need wooden flight boxes on wheels for your gear, Roqsolid covers will give you all you require to protect your amps and cabs on the road ....... and at fabulous prices. I recommend most strongly .

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